1 Introduction

Non-Adaptive Weighing
Problem set 1 assigned
2 Sorting
3 Finding the Median Problem set 2 assigned

Problem set 1 due
4 Non-Adaptive Sorting Batcher's Algorithm
5 Coding for Efficiency Problem set 2 due
6 Finding Efficient Compressions; Huffman and Hu Tucker Algorithms Problem set 3 assigned
7 Theory of Probability
8 Coding for Error Correction: Shannon's Second Theorem Problem set 3 due

Problem set 4 assigned
9 Matrix Hamming Codes
10 BCH Polynomial Codes Problem set 4 due
11 BCH  Codes: Constructing them and finding the Syndrome of a Message Problem set 5 assigned
12 Correcting Errors in BCH Codes
13 Locating Errors using BCH Codes
14 Some Graph Theory Problem set 5 due

Review questions out
15 Planarity and Coloring
16 Counting Trees
17 Symmetries Problem set 6 assigned
18 Counting Patterns
19 Coding for Secrecy Problem set 6 due

Problem set 7 assigned
20 More on Secret Codes
21 Factoring Numbers
22 The Quadratic Sieve and Elliptic Curves Problem set 7 due

Problem set 8 out
23 The Finite Fourier Transform and the Fast Fourier Transform Algorithm
24 Implementing the FFT and Multiplying Numbers Problem set 8 due

Problem set 9 out

Start thinking about a paper topic; try to have one in one week
25 Strassen’s Fast Multiplication of Matrices Algorithm and
Spreadsheet Matrix Multiplications
26 Linear Programming Part I (Background & Theory) Problem set 9 due

Problem set 10 out
27 Linear Programming Part II (More Theory & Application)
28 Duality in Linear Programming