9.402 Language and Thought

As taught in: Fall 2002




Prof. Lera Boroditsky

Prof. Susan Carey

Prof. Elizabeth S. Spelke

Names of languages in their native alphabets.
Names of languages in their native alphabets. (Graphic by Prof. Lera Boroditsky.)

Course Highlights

This graduate course on language and thought brings together ideas and findings from cognitive, developmental, and cultural psychology, as well as linguistics, anthropology, and ethnology. The course is a high-level exploration of the fields of language and thought. The extensive reading list provides an excellent grounding in the field to prepare future research scientists. In addition, the related resources link to web sites that provide resources for further study.

Course Description

Subject examines the many interrelationships between language and thought. Do people who speak different languages think differently? Does learning new languages change the way you think? Do polyglots think differently in different languages? Are some thoughts unthinkable without language?

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