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Feminist Theory

Sculpture of a woman titled 'Woman of Wisdom' by Nicholas Mukomberanwa.

"Woman of Wisdom" by Nicholas Mukomberanwa. (Image courtesy of Fort Photo on Flickr.)


MIT Course Number

SP.601J / 17.006J / 17.007J / 24.237J

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Spring 2008


Undergraduate / Graduate

Course Description

This course focuses on a range of theories of gender in modern life. In recent years, feminist scholars in a range of disciplines have challenged previously accepted notions of political theory such as the distinctions between public and private, the definitions of politics itself, the nature of citizenship, and the roles of women in civil society.

In this course, we will examine different aspects of women's lives through the life cycle as seen from the vantage point of feminist theory. In addition, we will consider different ways of looking at power and political culture in modern societies, issues of race and class, poverty and welfare, and sexuality and morality.


The instructor would like to thank Lara Yeo for capturing notes and discussion questions in class.

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