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    • Estimating a Separably Markov Random Field from Binary Observations 

      Zhang, Yingzhuo; Malem-Shinitski, Noa; Ba, Demba; Allsop, Stephen Azariah; Tye, Kay M (MIT Press, 2018-03)
      A fundamental problem in neuroscience is to characterize the dynamics of spiking from the neurons in a circuit that is involved in learning about a stimulus or a contingency. A key limitation of current methods to analyze ...
    • State-space multitaper time-frequency analysis 

      Ba, Demba; Kim, Seong-Eun; Behr, Michael K.; Brown, Emery Neal (National Academy of Sciences (U.S.), 2017-12)
      Time series are an important data class that includes recordings ranging from radio emissions, seismic activity, global positioning data, and stock prices to EEG measurements, vital signs, and voice recordings. Rapid growth ...