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    • Electron Transfer Control in Soluble Methane Monooxygenase 

      Wang, Weixue; Iacob, Roxana E.; Luoh, Rebecca P.; Engen, John R.; Lippard, Stephen J. (American Chemical Society (ACS), 2014-06)
      The hydroxylation or epoxidation of hydrocarbons by bacterial multicomponent monooxygenases (BMMs) requires the interplay of three or four protein components. How component protein interactions control catalysis, however, ...
    • Tissue-Specific Oncogenic Activity of KRASA146T 

      Poulin, Emily J.; Bera, Asim K.; Lu, Jia; Lin, Yi-Jang; Strasser, Samantha Dale; e.a. (American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), 2019-04)
      KRAS is the most frequently mutated oncogene. The incidence of specific KRAS alleles varies between cancers from different sites, but it is unclear whether allelic selection results from biological selection for specific ...