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    • Integrated optical phased arrays for lidar applications 

      Yaacobi, Ami (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2015)
      It is no wonder that research in Si photonics (optical components embedded on a silicon platform) has bloomed so rapidly the last few years. Combining low loss, strong refractive index contrast (and, thus, light confinement), ...
    • On chip wide angle beam steering 

      Yaacobi, Ami; Sun, Jie; Moresco, Michele; Leake, Gerald; Coolbaugh, Douglas; e.a. (OSA, 2014)
      We demonstrate an on-chip optical phased array fabricated in a CMOS compatible process with continuous, fast (100 kHz), wide-angle (51°) beam-steering that is suitable for applications such as low-cost lidar systems. © 2014 OSA.