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    • Anatomy-Based Algorithms for Detecting Oral Cancer Using Reflectance and Fluorescence Spectroscopy 

      McGee, Sasha; Mardirossian, Vartan; Elackattu, Alphi; Mirkovic, Jelena; Pistey, Robert; e.a. (Annals Publishing Company, 2009-11)
      OBJECTIVES: We used reflectance and fluorescence spectroscopy to noninvasively and quantitatively distinguish benign from dysplastic/malignant oral lesions. We designed diagnostic algorithms to account for differences in ...
    • Model-based spectroscopic analysis of the oral cavity: impact of anatomy 

      McGee, Sasha; Mirkovic, Jelena; Mardirossian, Vartan; Elackattu, Alphi; Yu, Chung-Chieh; e.a. (Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers, 2008-12)
      In order to evaluate the impact of anatomy on the spectral properties of oral tissue, we used reflectance and fluorescence spectroscopy to characterize nine different anatomic sites. All spectra were collected in vivo ...