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    • V[subscript OC] enhancement in polymer solar cells with isobenzofulvene–C[subscript 60] adducts 

      Han, Ggoch Ddeul; Maurano, Andrea; Weis, Jonathan Garrett; Bulovic, Vladimir; Swager, Timothy M (Elsevier, 2016-01)
      We report the use of isobenzofulvene–C[subscript 60] adducts in bulk heterojunction organic solar cells, synthesized via the [4 + 2] cycloaddition of C[subscript 60] with an in situ generated isobenzofulvene intermediate. ...
    • Vacancy Ordering in O3-Type Layered Metal Oxide Sodium-Ion Battery Cathodes 

      Ong, Shyue Ping; Richards, William Davidson; Ceder, Gerbrand; Toumar, Alexandra Jeanne; Dacek, Stephen Thomas (American Physical Society, 2015-12)
      Current state-of-the-art Na-ion battery cathodes are selected from the broad chemical space of layered first-row transition-metal (TM) oxides. Unlike their lithium-ion counterparts, seven first-row layered TM oxides can ...
    • Vacant and underutilized land in Boston 

      Mori, Alison E., 1970- (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2004)
    • Vaccine delivery with microneedle skin patches in nonhuman primates 

      Li, Adrienne Victoria; Abbink, Peter; Liu, Jinyan; Li, Hualin; Stanley, Kelly A.; e.a. (Nature Publishing Group, 2013-12)
      Transcutaneous drug delivery from planar skin patches is effective for small-molecule drugs and skin-permeable vaccine adjuvants. However, to achieve efficient delivery of vaccines and other macromolecular therapeutics ...
    • VacSeen : semantically enriched automatic identification and data capture for improved vaccine logistics 

      Bhattacharjee, Partha Sarathi, S.M. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2016)
      Vaccines are globally recognized as a critical public health intervention. Routine immunization coverage in large parts of the developing world is around 80%. Technology and policy initiatives are presently underway to ...
    • Vacuum electrostatic engineering 

      Trump, John G (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1933)
    • Vacuum insulation 

      Anderson, Harold William (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1934)
    • Vacuum insulation using perlite powder sealed in plastic and glass 

      LaHousse, Sean W. (Sean William) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1993)
    • Vacuum spin squeezing 

      Hu, Jiazhong; Chen, Wenlan; Vendeiro, Zachary Michael; Urvoy, Alban Joseph; Braverman, Boris; e.a. (American Physical Society, 2017-11)
      We investigate the generation of entanglement (spin squeezing) in an optical-transition atomic clock through the coupling to an optical cavity in its vacuum state. We show that if each atom is prepared in a superposition ...
    • Vacuum-bounded states and the entropy of black hole evaporation 

      Olum, Ken D (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1997)
    • A Vacuum-driven Origami “Magic-ball” Soft Gripper 

      Diaz, Evelin Villegas; Wood, Robert J.; Stampfli, John J.; Li, Shuguang; Xu, Helen; e.a. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2019-05)
      Soft robotics has yielded numerous examples of soft grippers that utilize compliance to achieve impressive grasping performances with great simplicity, adaptability, and robustness. Designing soft grippers with substantial ...
    • Vacuum-Induced Transparency 

      Chen, Wenlan; Landig, Renate; Vuletic, Vladan; Tanji-Suzuki, Haruka; Simon, Jonathan (American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), 2011-08)
      Photons are excellent information carriers but normally pass through each other without consequence. Engineered interactions between photons would enable applications as varied as quantum information processing and simulation ...
    • Vague objects 

      Ólafur Páll Jónsson (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2001)
      Peter Unger's puzzle, the problem of the many, is an argument for the conclusion that we are grossly mistaken about what kinds of objects are in our immediate surroundings. But it is not clear what we should make of Unger's ...
    • Valence Bonds in Random Quantum Magnets: Theory and Application to 

      Senthil, T.; Kimchi, Itamar; Nahum, Adam (American Physical Society, 2018-07)
      We analyze the effect of quenched disorder on spin-1/2 quantum magnets in which magnetic frustration promotes the formation of local singlets. Our results include a theory for 2D valence-bond solids subject to weak bond ...
    • Valid inequalities and algorithms for the network design problem with an application to LTL consolidation 

      Balakrishnan, Anantaram (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1985)
    • Valid Inequalities and Facets for the Steinger Problem in a Directed Graph 

      Myung, Young-soo (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Operations Research Center, 1991-06)
      In this paper, we describe the facial structure of the steiner problem in a directed graph by formulating it as a set covering problem. We first characterize trivial facets and derive a necessary condition for nontrivial ...
    • Valid Inequalities and Facets of the Capacitated Plant Location Problem 

      Leung, Janny M. Y.; Magnanti, Thomas L. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Operations Research Center, 1986-05)
      Recently, several successful applications of strong cutting plane methods to combinatorial optimization problems have renewed interest in cutting plane methods, and polyhedral characterizations, of integer programming ...
    • Valid Orderings of Real Hyperplane Arrangements 

      Stanley, Richard P (Springer US, 2015-04)
      Given a real finite hyperplane arrangement A and a point p not on any of the hyperplanes, we define an arrangement vo(A,p), called the valid order arrangement, whose regions correspond to the different orders in which a ...
    • Valid Post-Selection and Post-Regularization Inference: An Elementary, General Approach 

      Chernozhukov, Victor; Chernozhukov, Victor V (Annual Reviews, 2015-08)
      We present an expository, general analysis of valid post-selection or post-regularization inference about a low-dimensional target parameter in the presence of a very high-dimensional nuisance parameter that is estimated ...
    • Valid Two-Step Identification-Robust Confidence Sets for GMM 

      Andrews, Isaiah; Andrews, Isaiah Smith (MIT Press, 2017-06)
      In models with potentially weak identification, researchers often decide whether to report a robust confidence set based on an initial assessment of model identification. Two-step procedures of this sort can generate large ...