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    • 16.31 Feedback Control Systems, Fall 2001 

      How, Jonathan P. (2001-12)
      Introduction to the state-space approach to control system analysis and control synthesis. State-space representation of dynamic systems; controllability and observability; state-space realizations of transfer functions; ...
    • Dynamical Systems and Motion Vision 

      Heel, Joachim (1988-04-01)
      In this paper we show how the theory of dynamical systems can be employed to solve problems in motion vision. In particular we develop algorithms for the recovery of dense depth maps and motion parameters using state ...
    • Research and Tutorial Exposition 

      Strang, Gilbert (2002-01)
      My research is concentrated on applications of linear algebra in engineering, including wavelet analysis and structured matrices and (currently) approximation of large dense matrices by a mosaic of low rank blocks.