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    • The development of a perturbed, incompressible, turbulent boundary layer 

      Handa, Hisayuki (Cambridge, Mass. : Gas Turbine Laboratory , Massachusetts Institute of Technology, [1969], 1969)
      The response of a fully-developed equilibrium turbulent boundary layer to a small disturbance was observed experimentally under low-Mach number conditions: a turbulent boundary layer in an axisymmetric channel under zero ...
    • A systematic study of supersonic jet noise 

      Louis, Jean F. (Jean François); Letty, Richard M.; Patel, Jayantilal R. (Cambridge, Mass. : Gas Turbine Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1971, 1971)
      The purpose of this work is to study the acoustic fields associated with two different nozzle configurations; a rectangular and a circular. Both nozzles are designed with the same exit Mach number and have an identical ...