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    • 15.810 Introduction to Marketing, Spring 2004 

      Hauser, John R. (2004-06)
      15.810 explores theory and practice that draws on customer needs, company skills, competition, collaborators, and context in marketing and product development (5C's). The course combines cases, discussions, and readings ...
    • 15.810 Introduction to Marketing, Spring 2005 

      Hauser, John (2005-06)
      This course is an introduction to the theory and application of marketing. Marketing topics covered include Customer needs, Company skills, Competition, Collaborators, and Context in marketing and product development (5C's). ...
    • Agents to the Rescue? 

      West, Patricia M.; Ariely, Dan; Bellman, Steve; Bradlow, Eric; Huber, Joel; e.a. (1999)
      The advent of electronic environments is bound to have profound effects on consumer decision making. While the exact nature of these influences is only partially known it is clear that consumers could benefit from ...
    • China E-Commerce Operational Model Development 

      Armadas, Alex; Mittal, Charvi (2016-04-04)
    • SweetDeal: Representing Agent Contracts With Exceptions using XML Rules, Ontologies, and Process Descriptions 

      GROSOF, BENJAMIN; POON, TERRENCE C. (2003-09-16)
      SweetDeal is a rule-based approach to representation of business contracts that enables software agents to create, evaluate, negotiate, and execute contracts with substantial automation and modularity. It builds upon the ...