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    • 14.731 Economic History, Fall 2003 

      Temin, Peter (2003-12)
      A survey of world economic history, designed to introduce economics graduate students to the subject matter and methodology of economic history. Topics chosen to show a wide variety of historical experience and illuminate ...
    • 21F.065 / 21F.593 Japanese Literature and Cinema, Spring 2006 

      Condry, Ian (2006-06)
      This course includes surveys for both cinematic and literary representations of diverse eras and aspects of Japanese culture such as the classical era, the samurai age, wartime Japan and the atomic bombings, social change ...
    • 21G.030 East Asian Cultures: From Zen to Pop, Fall 2005 

      Teng, Emma J. (2005-12)
      The course examines various aspects of culture in both premodern and modern East Asia, ranging from literature, art, performance, and cuisine to contemporary pop culture (film, manga, anime, etc.).
    • 21G.039 / 21G.037 Japanese Popular Culture, Spring 2003 

      Condry, Ian (2003-06)
      This course examines Japanese popular culture as a way of understanding the changing character of media, capitalism, fan communities and culture. Topics include manga (comic books), hip-hop and other popular music in Japan, ...