Recent Submissions

  • Secure and secret cooperation in robotic swarms 

    Castelló Ferrer, Eduardo; Hardjono, Thomas; Pentland, Alex 'Sandy'; Dorigo, Marco (2021-06-07)
    The importance of swarm robotics systems in both academic research and real-world applications is steadily increasing. However, to reach widespread adoption, new models that ensure the secure cooperation of large groups ...
  • Urban Swarms: A new approach for autonomous waste management 

    Alfeo, Antonio Luca; Castelló Ferrer, Eduardo; Lizarribar Carrillo, Yago; Grignard, Arnaud; Alonso Pastor, Luis; e.a. (ArXiv, 2018-10-18)
    Modern cities are growing ecosystems that face new challenges due to the increasing population demands. One of the many problems they face nowadays is waste management, which has become a pressing issue requiring new ...
  • Managing Byzantine Robots via Blockchain Technology in a Swarm Robotics Collective Decision Making Scenario 

    Strobel, Volker; Castelló Ferrer, Eduardo; Dorigo, Marco (2018-05-25)
    While swarm robotics systems are often claimed to be highly fault-tolerant, so far research has limited its attention to safe laboratory settings and has virtually ignored security issues in the presence of Byzantine ...

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