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    • Research Brief: Investigating the Mechanisms of ASR Using Atomistic Methods 

      Dupuis, Romain (2020-05)
      With 20% of highway pavements in the U.S. in poor condition, mitigating pavement failure has become increasingly important. However, the mechanisms of the alkali-silica-reaction (ASR), a leading cause of damage in concrete ...
    • Research Brief: Simulating the Formation of ASR Gels 

      Dupuis, Romain; Pellenq, Roland (2019-04)
      Alkali-silica-reaction (ASR) is a significant cause of premature concrete deterioration. Although it has received much research attention, an essential question still remains—how does a soft gel, as is formed by this ...
    • A Scientific Investigation into Concrete Pavement Durability 

      Pellenq, Roland; Bazant, Martin; Dufresne, Alice; Dupuis, Romain; Gregory, Jeremy; e.a. (MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub, Oregon State University, University of New Brunswick, 2021-01)
      Although concrete pavements offer many long-term performance benefits, there are still instances where premature degradation of pavements leads to unexpected and costly repairs. In addition to being a burden to transportation ...