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    • Research Brief: Evolving the C-S-H Packing Density at the Microscale 

      Petersen, Thomas; Ulm, Franz-Josef (2017-10-02)
      Cement paste is a complex multiphase material, roughly 50 percent of which, by volume, is composed of calcium-silicate-hydrates (C-S-H). The C-S-H phase, which lends the material its rigidity, appears to be a dispersion ...
    • Research Brief: Examining Freeze-Thaw Damage at the Microscopic Scale 

      Zhou, Edmond; Bazant, Martin Z.; Pellenq, Roland Jm (2017-01-12)
      Researchers conducted both theoretical and numerical studies on the microscopic phenomena in cement paste pores to reveal the important roles that ions and electrolytes play in freeze-thaw damage.
    • Towards Understanding Cement Paste Creep: Implications from Glass Studies 

      Cao, Penghui; Yip, Sidney (MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub, 2017-01-04)
      This research brief presents foundational work toward understanding the mechanics of the complex process of creep by evaluating the phenomena occurring at the nano-scale in metallic glass, a model material, to better ...