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    • Research Brief: A Reaction-­Diffusion Model to Determine Mesoscale Patterns in Cement Paste 

      Petersen, Thomas; Bazant, Martin; Pellenq, Roland; Ulm, Franz-Josef (2018-08)
      Strength and toughness, two important aspects of the durability of concrete structures, are dramatically influenced by the material’s nanotexture, but the question of how the building blocks of cement paste organize ...
    • Research Brief: Evolving the C-S-H Packing Density at the Microscale 

      Petersen, Thomas; Ulm, Franz-Josef (2017-10-02)
      Cement paste is a complex multiphase material, roughly 50 percent of which, by volume, is composed of calcium-silicate-hydrates (C-S-H). The C-S-H phase, which lends the material its rigidity, appears to be a dispersion ...
    • Research Brief: Examining Freeze-Thaw Damage at the Microscopic Scale 

      Zhou, Edmond; Bazant, Martin Z.; Pellenq, Roland Jm (2017-01-12)
      Researchers conducted both theoretical and numerical studies on the microscopic phenomena in cement paste pores to reveal the important roles that ions and electrolytes play in freeze-thaw damage.
    • A Scientific Investigation into Concrete Pavement Durability 

      Pellenq, Roland; Bazant, Martin; Dufresne, Alice; Dupuis, Romain; Gregory, Jeremy; e.a. (MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub, Oregon State University, University of New Brunswick, 2021-01)
      Although concrete pavements offer many long-term performance benefits, there are still instances where premature degradation of pavements leads to unexpected and costly repairs. In addition to being a burden to transportation ...
    • Towards Understanding Cement Paste Creep: Implications from Glass Studies 

      Cao, Penghui; Yip, Sidney (MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub, 2017-01-04)
      This research brief presents foundational work toward understanding the mechanics of the complex process of creep by evaluating the phenomena occurring at the nano-scale in metallic glass, a model material, to better ...