Recent Submissions

  • Lifetime Battery Cycle Data For Extreme Operating Conditions 

    Kumar, Rakesh (2019-05-14)
    Leveraging lab power supplies and electronic loads, 10 AH sealed lead-acid batteries were cycled following extreme operating scenario protocols. These tests were used to determine the impact of such scenarios on battery ...
  • Database S1 for triaxial and nanoindentation data on Vaca Muerta shale 

    Mighani, Saied; Benabe, Yves; Boulenouar, Abdelhamid; Mok, Ulrich; Evans, Brian (2019-05-03)
    This is data relating to triaxial and nanoindentation measurement Data on Vaca Muerta shale for: Mighani, S. et al. “Creep Deformation in Vaca Muerta Shale from Nanoindentation to Triaxial Experiments”
  • Friction Micro-dynamics Simulation Codes 

    Yoon, Jun Young; Trumper, David L. (2018-02-21)
    This is data relating to friction micro-dynamic behavior. The simulation codes are to compare the frictional behavior between the Coulomb model and the Generalized Maxwell-Slip (GMS) model.

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