Recent Submissions

  • Data for He, Gallant et al., PNAS 2019 

    He, Mingfu; Guo, Rui; Hobold, Gustavo M.; Gao, Haining; Gallant, Betar (2019-12-03)
    Raw data and metadata for published Figures 2-4 for He, Gallant et al., "The intrinsic behavior of lithium fluoride in solid electrolyte interphases on lithium" published in PNAS, 2019
  • Leader Attachment Tests to a Charged Model Aircraft 

    Pavan, C.; Guerra Garcia, C. (2019-10-03)
    This is data relating to the paper ‘Aircraft charging and its influence on triggered lightning’.
  • Lifetime Battery Cycle Data For Extreme Operating Conditions 

    Kumar, Rakesh (2019-05-14)
    Leveraging lab power supplies and electronic loads, 10 AH sealed lead-acid batteries were cycled following extreme operating scenario protocols. These tests were used to determine the impact of such scenarios on battery ...

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