Recent Submissions

  • A Definition of General Problem Solving 

    Liao, Qianli (2020-07-13)
    What is general intelligence? What does it mean by general problem solving? We attempt to give a definition of general problem solving, characterize the common process of problem solving and provide a basic algorithm that ...
  • Flexible Intelligence 

    Liao, Qianli (2020-06-18)
    We discuss the problem of flexibility in intelligence, a relatively little-studied topic in machine learning and AI. Flexibility can be understood as out-of-distribution generalization, and it can be achieved by converting ...
  • Universal Format Conversions 

    Liao, Qianli (2020-06-05)
    Information is the fuel for intelligence. Any competitive intelligence system should be information hungry. “Formats” on the other hand, is the container for information. Accessing information without the ability to decipher ...

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