Recent Submissions

  • The Language of Fake News: Opening the Black-Box of Deep Learning Based Detectors 

    O'Brien, Nicole; Latessa, Sophia; Evangelopoulos, Georgios; Boix, Xavier (Center for Brains, Minds and Machines (CBMM), 2018-11-01)
    The digital information age has generated new outlets for content creators to publish so-called “fake news”, a new form of propaganda that is intentionally designed to mislead the reader. With the widespread effects of the ...
  • Representations That Learn vs. Learning Representations 

    Liao, Qianli; Poggio, Tomaso (2018-12-31)
    During the last decade, we have witnessed tremendous progress in Machine Learning and especially the area of Deep Learning, a.k.a. “Learning Representations” (LearnRep for short). There is even an International Conference ...
  • When Is Handcrafting Not a Curse? 

    Liao, Qianli; Poggio, Tomaso (2018-12-31)
    Recently, with the proliferation of deep learning, there is a strong trend of abandoning handcrafted sys- tems/features in machine learning and AI by replacing them with “end-to-end” systems “learned from scratch”. These ...

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