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    • Comparison and Financial Assessment of Demand Forecasting Methodologies for Seasonal CPGs 

      Gundogdu, Burak; Maloney, Jeffrey (2019)
      Forecast accuracy is an ongoing challenge for made-to-stock companies. For highly seasonal fast-moving consumer packaged goods (CPGs) companies like King’s Hawaiian, an improved forecast accuracy can have significant ...
    • Predicting Shipping Time with Machine Learning 

      Jonquais, Antoine; Krempl, Florian (2019)
      With the globalization of trade, transit time reliability has become a critical point in the shipping industry as irregularities will lead to more delays further down the supply chain. Our sponsoring company, A.P. Møller ...
    • RFID & Analytics Driving Agility in Apparel Supply Chain 

      Kumar, Anil; Ting, Peter (2019)
      The apparel industry is facing significant challenges. Today’s consumers have less patience to wait, and omnichannel retailing is the new norm. This requires the entire apparel supply chain to become more agile, which means ...