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      Agents, artificial intelligence [1]
      ambient intelligence [1]
      Auto ID, System of Systems, UWB, SDR, RFID [1]
      Automatic identification [1]
      automatic identification [1]
      Civil and Environmental Engineering. [1]
      convergence, innovation [1]
      Digital transformation, Digital Twins, Cognitive Firewall, Cybersecurity, Agents, AI, IoT, CPS, M2M, industrial internet, internet of things, cyberphysical systems, healthcare, energy, robotics, manufacturing, medical devices, digital education [1]
      education, heallth, healthcare, energy, wireless sensors, analytics, K-12 education, K-16 education, community colleges, workforce creation, job re-training [1]
      Energy Efficiency, Nano-Chloroplast, Glucose-on-a-Chip, Carbon Supply Chain, Intelligent Mitochondria, Management of Power Systems, Metabolic Engineering, Langmuir-Blodgett Technique [1]
      Energy, eAGE, butanol, metabolic engineering, photo bio-reactors, pentanol, ethanol, methanol, biomass, Joule Unlimited, Codexis, micro-scale, energy autonomy, economic development, economic freedom, cartels, biotechnology, chemical engineering, cyanobacteria, microalgae, high insolation zones, low insolation zones, solar energy, smart grid, IP, intellectual property rights, [1]
      energy, electric vehicles, wireless charging stations, home charging stations, A123 Systems, healthcare, remote monitoring, ischemia, diabetes, chicken pox, civil liberties, social media, social networking, Facebook, micro-philanthropy, nano-philanthropy, lifestyle systems, food wastage, supply chain, risk pooling, forecsting, predictive software, data aggregation, Wiki City Rome, sensetable, RFID, IPv6 [1]
      forecasting; supply chain management; multivariate GARCH; risk analysis; intelligent decision systems [1]
      Healthcare, Public Health, Global Disease Burden, IoT, Nano-sensors, Mobile, 3D, Stem [1]
      Innovation, iPhone, Nano-Philanthropy [1]
      interference [2]
      Interoperability, Data, Information, IPv6, Semantics, Syntax, Security, MANET, Sensors, Healthcare, Biomedical Ontology, Decision Systems, RFID, EPC, Logistics, Adaptive Value Networks, Supply Chain, P2P, ZigBee, WiFi, WiMax, WiTriCity [1]
      IoT, CPS, M2M, industrial internet, internet of things, cyberphysical systems, education [1]
      ISO 18000-6C [2]
      location assignment [1]