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    • FastICA 

      Gavert, Hugo; Hurri, Jarmo; Sarela, Jaakko; Hyvarinen, Aapo (1996)
    • Parametric Texture Model 

      Portilla, Javier; Simoncelli, Eero (2000)
    • MATLAB Pyramid Toolbox 

      Simoncelli, Eero (2015)
    • Example outputs of the Texture Tiling Model ("mongrels") 

      Rosenholtz, Ruth; Yu, Dian; Keshvari, Shaiyan (2019-07)
      Our Texture Tiling Model takes a stimulus and fixation as the input, and outputs visualizations of the information available in peripheral vision, according to the model. We call these output images "mongrels". Each input ...
    • Texture Tiling Model 

      Rosenholtz, Ruth (2020-04-22)
      MATLAB software that implements the Texture Tiling Model, a model of human peripheral vision. The model takes as input an image, fixation, and fovea size, and outputs one or more visualizations of the information available ...