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  • Lincoln Laboratory Supercomputing Center 5th Anniversary 

    Unknown author (2022-01-04)
    The Lincoln Laboratory Supercomputing Center (LLSC) celebrated a significant anniversary in 2021, marking five years of the center’s mission to enhance the computing power available to the Laboratory, MIT, and other ...
  • MIT Researchers Turn to Unity 3D Game Engine for Supercomputer Diagnostics 

    Kostovic, Aleksandar (, 2021-10-29)
    To speed up the process of monitoring, diagnosing, and fixing problems with multi-billion-dollar supercomputers researchers from the Laboratory and MIT have developed a new technology to visualize node monitoring, offering ...
  • Air Force Pilots Get an AI-Assist With Scheduling Aircrews 

    Foy, Kylie (MIT News, 2021-07-08)
    Scheduling C-17 aircraft crews is complicated. It’s a pain point for Airmen of 52 squadrons who operate C-17s, the military cargo aircraft that transport troops and supplies globally. This year, the Air Force marked four ...

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