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    • Staff Build Robust Algorithms to Strengthen Machine Learning Methods 

      Unknown author (MIT Lincoln Laboratory, 2020-06-26)
      “Our ultimate goal is to provide the researchers and stakeholders of our community with a set of robustness tools, techniques, and best practices so that they can embrace the great promise of machine learning technology ...
    • Staff Member Selected as 2021 SIAM Fellow 

      Unknown author (MIT Lincoln Laboratory, 2021-04-23)
      The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics has selected Dr. Jeremy Kepner, Laboratory Fellow, Supercomputing Center, as an esteemed member of its 2021 class of SIAM Fellows.
    • Staff Release Open Source Software for BigDAWG Polystore System 

      Unknown author (MIT Lincoln Laboratory, 2017-04-14)
    • Supercharging Big Data Research with New England’s Fastest Supercomputer 

      Unknown author (ISTC Big Data, 2017-01-11)
      ISTC for Big Data caught up with ISTC for Big Data Principal Investigator and Lincoln Laboratory fellow Dr. Jeremy Kepner, who heads the LLSC, to learn more about Lincoln Laboratory's new supercomputer, how it’s helping ...
    • Supercomputers Can Spot Cyber Threats 

      McGovern, Anne (MIT Lincoln Laboratory, 2019-01-18)
      Lincoln Laboratory researchers have developed a technique to compress hours of internet traffic into a bundle that can be analyzed for suspicious behavior.
    • Supercomputing Center Celebrates Fifth Anniversary 

      Unknown author (MIT Lincoln Laboratory, 2021-05-14)
      The Lincoln Laboratory Supercomputing Center (LLSC) celebrated a significant anniversary this year, marking five years of the center’s mission to enhance the computing power available to the Laboratory, MIT, and other researchers.
    • A Tiny Organism with a Big Data Problem 

      Unknown author (MIT Lincoln Laboratory, 2016-09-09)
      Prochlorococcus is the smallest and most abundant photosynthetic organism on earth. Despite its tiny size, it’s an organism of global importance. In recent decades, researchers have sequenced the organisms’ genomes. Advances ...
    • Video and Imagery Dataset to Drive Public Safety Capabilities 

      Unknown author (MIT Lincoln Laboratory, 2019-08-23)
      Laboratory staff have been developing a computer vision dataset of operational and representative public safety scenarios. This dataset will enable technology development tailored to public safety scenarios, and includes ...
    • Wilkinson Prize goes to developers of flexible Julia programming language 

      Ryan, Dorothy (MIT Lincoln Laboratory, 2019-03-12)
      Programmers developing applications for fields as diverse as astronomy, economics, artificial intelligence, energy optimization, and medicine often found themselves creating software with languages that offered slow ...
    • Winds Forecast Rapid Prototype 

      Unknown author (MIT Lincoln Laboratory, 2018-06-08)
      Wind causes significant problems for aviation, yet the Federal Aviation Administration has limited tools for forecasting its impact. MIT Lincoln Laboratory is developing technology to generate improved wind forecasts through ...