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    • Video and Imagery Dataset to Drive Public Safety Capabilities 

      Unknown author (MIT Lincoln Laboratory, 2019-08-23)
      Laboratory staff have been developing a computer vision dataset of operational and representative public safety scenarios. This dataset will enable technology development tailored to public safety scenarios, and includes ...
    • Wilkinson Prize goes to developers of flexible Julia programming language 

      Ryan, Dorothy (MIT Lincoln Laboratory, 2019-03-12)
      Programmers developing applications for fields as diverse as astronomy, economics, artificial intelligence, energy optimization, and medicine often found themselves creating software with languages that offered slow ...
    • Winds Forecast Rapid Prototype 

      Unknown author (MIT Lincoln Laboratory, 2018-06-08)
      Wind causes significant problems for aviation, yet the Federal Aviation Administration has limited tools for forecasting its impact. MIT Lincoln Laboratory is developing technology to generate improved wind forecasts through ...