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    • Cybersecurity Phenomenology Exploration 

      Unknown author (MIT Lincoln Laboratory, 2020-03-20)
    • New Algorithm Uses Supercomputing to Combat Cyber Attacks 

      Unknown author (MIT Lincoln Laboratory, 2020-05-15)
      Sophisticated cyber attacks are on the rise. Early techniques for cyber attacks, such as guessing passwords manually, have evolved throughout the years—from session hijacking to ransomware and beyond. In order to manage ...
    • Staff Build Robust Algorithms to Strengthen Machine Learning Methods 

      Unknown author (MIT Lincoln Laboratory, 2020-06-26)
      “Our ultimate goal is to provide the researchers and stakeholders of our community with a set of robustness tools, techniques, and best practices so that they can embrace the great promise of machine learning technology ...
    • Supercomputers Can Spot Cyber Threats 

      McGovern, Anne (MIT Lincoln Laboratory, 2019-01-18)
      Lincoln Laboratory researchers have developed a technique to compress hours of internet traffic into a bundle that can be analyzed for suspicious behavior.