Recent Submissions

  • The Strength of Structural Diversity in Online Social Networks 

    Zhang, Yafei; Wang, Lin; Zhu, Jonathan J. H.; Wang, Xiaofan; Pentland, Alex (Research, 2021-05-26)
    Understanding the way individuals are interconnected in social networks is of prime significance to predict their collective outcomes. Leveraging a large-scale dataset from a knowledge-sharing website, this paper presents ...
  • Gender Differences in Real-Home Sleep of Young and Older Couples 

    Butt, Maryam; Quan, Stuart F.; Pentland, Alex; Khayal, Inas (Southwest Journal of Pulmonary and Critical Care, 2015-05-19)
    Objectives: To understand gender differences in sleep quality, architecture and duration of young healthy couples in comparison to older couples in their natural sleep environment. Design: Sleep was monitored in a ...
  • Sensing Informal Networks in Organizations 

    Orbach, Maya; Demko, Maegen; Doyle, Jeremy; Waber, Benjamin N.; Pentland, Alex (American Behavioral Scientist, 2014-11-21)
    We present an examination of informal network structure within the sales division of a global manufacturing organization. Sociometric Badges were used to collect data on face-to-face interactions over a total of 8 weeks, ...

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