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dc.description.abstract© 2019 CERN for the benefit of the LHCb collaboration.. The LHCb collaboration has redesigned its trigger to enable the full offline detector reconstruction to be performed in real time. Together with the real-time alignment and calibration of the detector, and a software infrastructure to make persistent the high-level physics objects produced during real-time processing, this redesign enabled the widespread deployment of real-time analysis during Run 2. We describe the design of the Run 2 trigger and real-time reconstruction, and present data-driven performance measurements for a representative sample of LHCb's physics programme.
dc.publisherIOP Publishing
dc.rightsCreative Commons Attribution 3.0 unported license
dc.sourceIOP Publishing
dc.titleDesign and performance of the LHCb trigger and full real-time reconstruction in Run 2 of the LHC
dc.relation.journalJournal of Instrumentation
dc.eprint.versionFinal published version
dspace.orderedauthorsAaij, R; Akar, S; Albrecht, J; Alexander, M; Albero, AA; Amerio, S; Anderlini, L; d'Argent, P; Baranov, A; Barter, W; Benson, S; Bobulska, D; Boettcher, T; Borghi, S; Bowen, EE; Brarda, L; Burr, C; Cachemiche, J-P; Gomez, MC; Cattaneo, M; Chanal, H; Chapman, M; Chebbi, M; Chefdeville, M; Ciambrone, P; Cogan, J; Chitic, S-G; Clemencic, M; Closier, J; Couturier, B; Daoudi, M; Bruyn, KD; Cian, MD; Deschamps, O; Dettori, F; Dordei, F; Douglas, L; Dreimanis, K; Dufour, L; Dujany, G; Durante, P; Duval, P-Y; Dziurda, A; Esen, S; Fitzpatrick, C; Fontanna, M; Frank, M; Veghel, MV; Gaspar, C; Gerstel, D; Ghez, P; Gizdov, K; Gligorov, VV; Govorkova, E; Cardoso, LAG; Grillo, L; Guz, I; Hachon, F; He, J; Hill, D; Hu, W; Hulsbergen, W; Ilten, P; Li, Y; Linn, CP; Lupton, O; Johnson, D; Jones, CR; Jost, B; Kenzie, M; Kopecna, R; Koppenburg, P; Kreps, M; Gac, RL; Lefèvre, R; Leroy, O; Machefert, F; Mancinelli, G; Maddrell-Mander, S; Marchand, JF; Marconi, U; Benito, CM; Martinelli, M; Santos, DM; Matev, R; Michielin, E; Monteil, S; Morris, A; Minard, M-N; Mohamed, H; Morello, MJ; Naik, P; Neubert, S; Neufeld, N; Niel, E; Pearce, A; Perret, P; Polci, F; Prisciandaro, J; Prouve, C; Navarro, AP; Pernas, MR; Raven, G; Rethore, F; Molina, VR; Robbe, P; Sarpis, G; Sborzacchi, F; Schiller, M; Schwemmer, R; Sciascia, B; Serrano, J; Seyfert, P; Schune, M-H; Smith, M; Solomin, A; Sokoloff, M; Spradlin, P; Stahl, M; Stahl, S; Storaci, B; Stracka, S; Szymanski, M; Traill, M; Usachov, A; Valat, S; Gomez, RV; Vesterinen, M; Voneki, B; Wang, M; Weisser, C; Whitehead, M; Williams, M; Winn, M; Witek, M; Xiang, Z; Xu, A; Xu, Z; Yin, H; Zhang, Y; Zhou, Y
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