Recent Submissions

  • Policy Analytics for Cybersecurity of Cyber-Physical Systems 

    Choucri, Nazli; Agarwal, Gaurav (© MIT Political Science Department, 2022-12-14)
    Cyber-physical systems (CPS) are embedded in an increasingly complex ecosystem of cybersecurity policies, guidelines, and compliance measures designed to support all aspects of operation during all phases of system’s life ...
  • Analytics for Cybersecurity Policy of Cyber-Physical Systems 

    Choucri, Nazli; Agarwal, Gaurav (© IEEE, 2022-11-14)
    Guidelines, directives, and policy statements are usually presented in “linear” text form—word after word, page after page. However necessary, this practice impedes full understanding, obscures feedback dynamics, hides ...
  • Ethics in Artificial Intelligence: Toward Foundations for Global Policy 

    Choucri, Nazli (© MIT Political Science Department, 2022-12-21)
    Matters of ethics are becoming more salient at all levels of politics, almost everywhere. In the scientific community, ethics in AI is increasingly gaining attention. The fact is that the rate of change in AI innovations ...

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