Recent Submissions

  • The Perceptual Base of Nonalignment 

    Choucri, Nazli (© Stanford University, 1967)
    Almost two-thirds of the nations in the world have chosen not to join either of the two dominant alliance systems- the Communist or the Western. Most of these states, generally known as the "third world," are Afro-Asian ...
  • Population dynamics and international violence: Propositions, insights, and evidence 

    Choucri, Nazli (© Lexington Books, 1974)
    This volume is divided into three parts. Part I is based on an exhaustive study of the literature dealing directly and indirectly with the relations between population dynamics and international violence. Part II ...
  • Nations in conflict: National growth and international violence 

    Choucri, Nazli; North, Robert C. (© Freeman, 1975)
    Each equation in the model represents a “piece” of a dynamic system of simultaneous equations, with the variables signaling the individual factors shaping the overall dynamics over time. Rendered in the form of an econometric ...

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