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    Choucri, Nazli; Fairman, Lauren; Agarwal, Gaurav (Massachusetts Institute of Technology., 2020-08-27)
    This website presents a brief introduction to Cyber-IR@MIT—a dynamic, interactive knowledge and networking system focused on the evolving, diverse, and complex interconnections of cyberspace and international relations. ...

    Choucri, Nazli (Massachusetts Institute of Technology., 2020-08-27)
    GSSD is an evolving knowledge networking system dedicated to sustainable development. Designed to help identify and extend innovative approaches toward sustainability—including enabling technologies, policies, and strategies—it ...

    Choucri, Nazli (2020-09-21)
    Exploration in Cyber International Relations (ECIR), is the label of a multidisciplinary and multidimensional research project initiated under a grant from the Minerva Program, Department of Defense. A joint project of ...