Recent Submissions

  • Designing an Internet 

    Clark, David D. (© MIT Press, 2018)
    Why the Internet was designed to be the way it is, and how it could be different, now and in the future. How do you design an internet? The architecture of the current Internet is the product of basic design decisions ...
  • Cyberpolitics in international relations 

    Choucri, Nazli (© MIT Press, 2012-11)
    Cyberspace is widely acknowledged as a fundamental fact of daily life in today's world. Until recently, its political impact was thought to be a matter of low politics—background conditions and routine processes and ...
  • International relations in the cyber age: The co-evolution dilemma 

    Choucri, Nazli; Clark, David D. (© MIT Press, 2019-04)
    In our increasingly digital world, data flows define the international landscape as much as the flow of materials and people. How is cyberspace shaping international relations, and how are international relations shaping ...