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    • Cobra Judy II Conversion 

      Gregor, Jeffrey; Hootman, John; Price, David; Psillidas, Kostas; Whalen, Todd (2002-02-01)
      The strategic community relies heavily on the Cobra Judy (CJ1) instrumentation to provide high-quality radar and telemetry data for ballistic missile system testing and development. The current CJ1 platform, USNS Observation ...
    • Deep Research Submarine 

      Woertz, Jeff; Oller, Erik; Withee, Erek (2002-02-01)
      The Deep Sea Research Submarine (Figure 1) is a modified VIRGINIA Class Submarine that incorporates a permanently installed Deep Sea Operations Compartment (Figure 2). Table 1 summarizes the characteristics of the Deep ...
    • LHA(R): Amphibious Assault Ships For The 21st Century 

      Bebermeyer, Robert; Galanis, Konstantinos; Price, Shelly (2002-05-30)
      Amphibious assault ships such as the current LHA and LHD classes are an essential element of the country's ability to exert influence anywhere in the world. The current amphibious assault ships represent the most capable ...
    • SSGN Conversion to Host ALVIN 

      Gish, Andrew; Ramsey, Steven; Temme, Michael (2003-07-11)
    • Focused Mission High Speed Combatant 

      Oller, Erik; Nikou, Vasilios; Psallidas, Konstantinos (2003-07-11)
    • Advanced Gun System (AGS) Backfit 

      Higgins, Julie; Rhoads, Jason; Roach, Michael (2003-07-23)
    • Special Operations Forces (SOF) Support Ship Ship Conversion Feasibility Study 

      Hardman, William; Soultatis, Charalambos; Wolfson, Dianna (2003-07-24)