The new Program on Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy (P-STEP) aims to develop critical knowledge to aid private and government decision-makers, to understand regulatory impacts on industry, to propose alternative regulatory approaches, and to educate leaders to shape the future of environmental protection.

The P-STEP team believes that technology and technology-savvy leaders must play an important role in mitigating environmental risks. An increase in environmental legislation since the early 1970s in industrialized countries has produced significant benefits to their quality of life, but also frustration and inefficiencies because of the absence of technological depth in these regulations and standards.

The new program hopes to work with government to improve environmental performance through incentives for technological innovation and with industry to seek competitive advantage through enhanced environmental performance.

P-STEP, founded in 2001, is jointly sponsored by the Center for Technology, Policy, and Industrial Development and the Laboratory for Energy and the Environment.

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