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    • 10K GENES PROJECT 2017-48 

      Gandall, Keoni; Qi, Stanley; Henderson, Zavier; Cravens, Aaron; Ambati, Adarsh (2017-12-06)
      The 10K Genes Project is a BioBricks Foundation project aimed to synthesize and make freely available DNA encoding useful biological functions in partnership with Twist Bioscience. Anyone around the world may request DNA ...
    • 10K GENES PROJECT 2017-50 

      Pownall, Scott; Gandall, Keoni (2017-12-11)
      The 10K Genes Project is a BioBricks Foundation project aimed to synthesize and make freely available DNA in partnership with Twist Bioscience. Anyone around the world may request DNA to be synthesized through the 10K Genes ...
    • 2003 Synthetic Biology study 

      Endy, Drew (2007-08-14)
      Biology is a technology for processing information, materials, and energy. As a technology platform, biological systems provide access to artifacts and processes across a range of scales (e.g., the ribosome is a programmable ...
    • Abbreviated BioBrick Prefix and Suffix for More Efficient Primer Design 

      Thing, Teoh Shao; Yasumoto, Shuhei; Nakamura, Tadashi; Saka, Takahiro; Torigata, Kousuke; e.a. (2010-10-31)
      This Request for Comments (RFC) modifies the assembly standard for biological parts proposed in BBF RFC 10 by removing the NotI restriction site from the BioBrick Prefix and Suffix.
    • Advance Online Correction to PNAS v104 p14283 

      Smolke, CD; Win, MN (2009-06-30)
      We are publishing the following draft correction and clarification to Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2007 Sep 4;104(36):14283-8. We are now working directly with the PNAS Editor to have this correction published by the ...
    • Adventures in Synthetic Biology 

      Wadey, Chuck; Deese, Isadora; Endy, Drew (OpenWetWare & Nature Publishing Group, 2005-11-24)
    • Amorphous Computing 

      Abelson, Harold; Allen, Don; Coore, Daniel; Hanson, Chris; Homsy, George; e.a. (1999-08-29)
      Amorphous computing is the development of organizational principles and programming languages for obtaining coherent behaviors from the cooperation of myriads of unreliable parts that are interconnected in unknown, ...
    • Analysis of Targeted and Combinatorial Approaches to Phage T7 Genome Generation 

      Mallet, Alex (2007-02-06)
      I performed computational analyses of various approaches to generating re- engineered versions of the genome of bacteriophage T7. I analyzed a proposed design for a re-engineered genome by examining conservation of T7 ...
    • Applying engineering principles to the design and construction of transcriptional devices 

      Shetty, Reshma P (2008-05-27)
      The aim of this thesis is to consider how fundamental engineering principles might best be applied to the design and construction of engineered biological systems. I begin by applying these principles to a key application ...
    • Assembly of BioBrick standard biological parts using three antibiotic assembly 

      Shetty, Reshma; Lizarazo, Meagan; Rettberg, Randy; Knight, Thomas F., Jr. (Elsevier Inc., 2011-05-20)
      An underlying goal of synthetic biology is to make the process of engineering biological systems easier and more reliable. In support of this goal, we developed BioBrick assembly standard 10 to enable the construction of ...
    • The AutoAnnotator - Standardized annotation of protein-encoding BioBricks 

      Wolf, Christopher; Albrecht, Florian; Brüggenthies, Johanna; Brunner, Andreas; Ciccone, Rosario; e.a. (2013-10-04)
      For protein-encoding BioBricks a large number of useful parameters, such as the amino acid sequence or the molecular weight, can easily be computed. Furthermore alignments against databases and predictions of various ...
    • BBF RFC #111: Inducible expression vector with His tag fusion for purification of RFC25 parts 

      Husser, Mathieu; Narcross, Lauren; Sundarakrishnan, Adithi (2017-08-24)
      This Request For Comments (RFC) describes a new expression vector based on the pET expression system and designed for BioBrick RFC25 parts. This design includes all the features of pET expression vectors with a new origin ...
    • BBF RFC 101: Logic Gene Module Standard 

      Wang, Lingjue; Tong, Yin; Zhou, Liqun; Ni, Zhuangdian; Zhu, Xiaodan; e.a. (2013-11-01)
      This Request for Comments (RFC) describes a new framework for standardize logic gene relations among gene circuits. Each type of logic module in gene circuit can be summarized in a standard device in electronics. In this ...
    • BBF RFC 104: BrickClip – rapid assembly of multiple RFC10 BioBricks 

      Trubitsyna, Maryia; Chan, Karen; Cai, Yizhi; Elfick, Alistair; French, Chris (2015-03-17)
      This BioBrick Foundation Request for Comments (BBF RFC 104) describes a new approach to multiple part DNA assembly – BrickClip, which does not require use of any restriction enzymes, nor cloning of the parts to specific ...
    • BBF RFC 105: The Intein standard - a universal way to modify proteins after translation 

      Ahlmann-Eltze, Constantin; Bunne, Charlotte; Büscher, Magdalena; Gleixner, Jan; Horn, Max; e.a. (2015-03-17)
      This Request for Comments (RFC) proposes a new standard that allows for easy and flexible cloning of intein constructs and thus makes this technology accessible to the synthetic biology community.
    • BBF RFC 106: A Standard Type IIS Syntax for Plants 

      Rutten, Virginia; Munabi, Angelina; Riche, Fergus; Lewy, Guy; Wilson, Hugh; e.a. (2015-03-17)
      Here we define a standard syntax for assembling standard parts for expression in plant cells, extensible to all other eukaryotes. Variations of the Type IIS mediated cloning method known as Golden Gate Cloning, most notably ...
    • BBF RFC 107: Copyright and Licensing of BBF RFCs 

      Beal, Jacob; Endy, Drew; Grewal, David; Johnson, Richard; Kahl, Linda (2015-08-28)
      In this BioBricks Foundation Request for Comments (BBF RFC), we update and clarify the copyright and licensing notice of BBF RFC documents.
    • BBF RFC 108: Synthetic Biology Open Language (SBOL) Version 2.0.0 

      Bartley, Bryan; Beal, Jacob; Clancy, Kevin; Misirli, Goksel; Roehner, Nicholas; e.a. (2015-09-07)
      The Synthetic Biology Open Language (SBOL) has been developed as a standard to support the specification and exchange of biological design information in synthetic biology, filling a need not satisfied by other pre-existing ...
    • BBF RFC 112: Synthetic Biology Open Language (SBOL) Version 2.1.0 

      Beal, Jacob; Cox, Robert Sidney; Grünberg, Raik; McLaughlin, James; Nguyen, Tramy; e.a. (2016-11-10)
      The Synthetic Biology Open Language (SBOL) has been developed as a standard to support the specification and exchange of biological design information.
    • BBF RFC 16: Synthetic Biology Open Language Visual (SBOLv) Specification 

      Rodriguez, Cesar; Bartram, Suzie; Ramasubramanian, Anusuya; Endy, Drew (2009-11-01)
      Synthetic Biology Open Language Visual (SBOLv) is a graphical notation that supports biological device development. It provides a formal notation for describing the physical composition of basic parts into composite ...