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    • LAFF VCV syllables 

      Speech Communication Group (MIT) (2005-08-19)
      VCV syllables recorded from two male and one female speakers.
    • Zhao VCCV syllables 

      Zhao, Sherry; Speech Communication Group (MIT) (2005-08-19)
      VCCV utterances recorded from two male and two female speakers
    • Hanson bVd syllables 

      Hanson, Helen M.; Speech Communication Group (MIT) (2005-08-25)
      bVd syllables recorded from 22 female speakers.
    • Said-shed and boot-beet continua 

      Speech Communication Group (MIT); Lane, Harlan.; Perkell, Joseph S.; Hanson, Helen M. (2005-10-11)
      The beet-boot and said-shed continua were created in 2001. Each continuum has 13 stimuli and there are a total of four continua (one each of beet-boot and said-shed for a female and a male speaker). There are two kinds of ...
    • Tracheal resonance database. 

      Speech Communication Group (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); Sonderegger, Morgan A.; Chi, Xuemin, 1979- (2006-02-08)
      Syllables recorded from seven male and seven female speakers. Includes simultaneously recorded microphone and accelerometer signals.