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Natalie Kuldell: teaching materials

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Natalie Kuldell: teaching materials


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  • Mitchell, Rudolph (2014-12-05)
    The 20.020 assessment study focused on the freshman student experience of the spring, 2012 and 2013 classes which included interviews and a survey administered at the end of the semester. Seven students from each cohort ...
  • Mitchell, Rudolph; Kuldell, Natalie (Survey Monkey, 2008-10-23)
  • Mitchell, Rudolph; Kuldell, Natalie (Survey Monkey, 2007-10-03)
  • Kuldell, Natalie; Students, BE.109 Spring 2005 (2006-01-06)
    JPEG and Excel data files for six siRNAs designed to silence Renilla luciferase transfected in Hela cells. For experimental details please see associated manuscript to be published in Cell Biology Education, 2006. A smaller ...