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    • Linear to Non-linear Rheology of Wheat Flour Dough 

      Ng, Trevor S.K.; McKinley, Gareth H.; Padmanabhan, Mahesh (2007-01-23)
      We provide an overview of transient extensional rheometry techniques for wheat flour doughs in which the deformation and material response is well defined. The behavior of a range of model doughs was explored with a ...
    • Preferential Association of Segment Blocks in Polyurethane Nanocomposites 

      James-Korley, LaShanda T.; Liff, Shawna M.; Kumar, Nitin; McKinley, Gareth H.; Hammond, Paula T. (2007-01-23)
      Controlling the level of dispersion of silicate layers in polymer matrices through intermolecular interactions and exploiting these interactions to enhance thermomechanical behavior are key challenges in the field of polymer ...
    • Tuning Gastropod Locomotion: Modeling The Influence Of Mucus Rheology on the Cost of Crawling 

      Lauga, Eric; Hosoi, A.E. (2007-05-04)
      Common gastropods such as snails crawl on a solid substrate by propagating muscular waves of shear stress on a viscoelastic mucus. Producing the mucus accounts for the largest component in the gastropod’s energy budget, ...