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    • The Beads-on-String Structure of Viscoelastic Threads 

      Clasen, Christian; Eggers, Jens; Fontelos, Marco A.; Li, Jie; McKinley, Gareth H. (2007-01-23)
      By adding minute concentrations of a high molecular weight polymer, liquid jets or bridges collapsing under the action of surface tension develop a characteristic shape of uniform threads connecting spherical uid drops. ...
    • Drop Formation and Breakup of Low Viscosity Elastic Fluids: Effects of Molecular Weight and Concentration 

      Tirtaatmadja, Viyada; McKinley, Gareth H.; Cooper-White, Justin J. (2007-01-23)
      The dynamics of drop formation and pinch-off have been investigated for a series of low viscosity elastic fluids possessing similar shear viscosities, but differing substantially in elastic properties. On initial approach ...
    • How Dilute are Dilute Solutions in Extensional Flows? 

      Clasen, Christian; Plog, J.P.; Kulicke, W.-M.; Owens, M.; Macosko, C.; e.a. (2007-01-23)
      We investigate the concentration-dependence of the characteristic relaxation time of dilute polymer solutions in transient uniaxial elongational flow. A series of monodisperse polystyrene solutions of five different ...