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    • Elongational Viscosity of Monodisperse and Bidisperse Polystyrene Melts 

      Nielsen, Jens K.; Rasmussen, Henrik K.; Hassager, Ole; McKinley, Gareth H. (2007-01-23)
      The startup and steady uniaxial elongational viscosity have been measured for two monodisperse polystyrene melts with molecular weights of 52 kg/mole and 103 kg/mole, and for three bidisperse polystyrene melts. The ...
    • Linear to Non-linear Rheology of Wheat Flour Dough 

      Ng, Trevor S.K.; McKinley, Gareth H.; Padmanabhan, Mahesh (2007-01-23)
      We provide an overview of transient extensional rheometry techniques for wheat flour doughs in which the deformation and material response is well defined. The behavior of a range of model doughs was explored with a ...