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    • Inductively Heated Shape Memory Polymer for the Magnetic Actuation of Medical Devices 

      Buckley, Patrick R.; McKinley, Gareth H.; Wilson, Thomas S.; Small IV, Ward; Benett, William J.; e.a. (2007-01-23)
      Presently there is interest in making medical devices such as expandable stents and intravascular microactuators from shape memory polymer (SMP). One of the key challenges in realizing SMP medical devices is the implementation ...
    • The Beads-on-String Structure of Viscoelastic Threads 

      Clasen, Christian; Eggers, Jens; Fontelos, Marco A.; Li, Jie; McKinley, Gareth H. (2007-01-23)
      By adding minute concentrations of a high molecular weight polymer, liquid jets or bridges collapsing under the action of surface tension develop a characteristic shape of uniform threads connecting spherical uid drops. ...
    • Drop Formation and Breakup of Low Viscosity Elastic Fluids: Effects of Molecular Weight and Concentration 

      Tirtaatmadja, Viyada; McKinley, Gareth H.; Cooper-White, Justin J. (2007-01-23)
      The dynamics of drop formation and pinch-off have been investigated for a series of low viscosity elastic fluids possessing similar shear viscosities, but differing substantially in elastic properties. On initial approach ...