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    • 7.016 Introductory Biology, Fall 2014 

      Imperiali, Barbara; Amon, Angelika; Sinha, Diviya (2014-12)
      7.016 Introductory Biology provides an introduction to fundamental principles of biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics for understanding the functions of living systems. Taught for the first time in Fall 2013, this ...
    • 7.02 Introduction to Experimental Biology, Fall 2001 

      Amon, Angelika; Rich, Alexander; Pardue, Mary Lou; Chess, Andrew; Schneider, Katherine Bacon; e.a. (2001-12)
      7.02 and 7.021 require simultaneous registration. Application of experimental techniques in biochemistry, microbiology, and cell biology. Emphasizes integrating factual knowledge with understanding the design of experiments ...