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    • 4.430 Daylighting, Fall 2006 

      Andersen, Marilyne (2006-12)
      This class provides the tools necessary for an efficient integration of daylighting issues in the overall design of a building. The fundamentals of daylighting and electric lighting are introduced and their relevance to ...
    • 4.492 Daylighting, Fall 2004 

      Andersen, Marilyne (2004-12)
      The course focuses on the use and optimization of daylight in buildings and on its complementarity to artificial (electric) lighting, to aim at reducing the building's environmental impact while improving the visual comfort ...
    • 4.493 Natural Light in Design, January (IAP) 2005 

      Andersen, Marilyne; Reinhart, Christoph (2005-01)
      Today, computer-based simulations are becoming increasingly popular, especially when daylighting and energy conservation are amongst the key goals for a project. This two-week workshop will expose participants to the current ...