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    • 14.386 New Econometric Methods, Spring 2007 

      Newey, Whitney (2007-06)
      This course focuses on recent developments in econometrics, especially structural estimation. The topics include nonseparable models, models of imperfect competition, auction models, duration models, and nonlinear panel ...
    • 21W.731-4 Writing and Experience, Spring 2002 

      Fox, Elizabeth (2002-06)
      MIT students bring rich cultural backgrounds to their college experience. This course explores the splits, costs, confusions, insights, and opportunities of living in two traditions, perhaps without feeling completely at ...
    • CMS.S61 Special Subject: The Rise of Film Noir, January IAP 2012 

      Marks, Martin (2012)
      This class explores the development of Hollywood Film Noir. There will be a focus on émigré directors who moved to Hollywood when the Nazis rose to power. Assignments will include short response papers about three of the ...