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    • 5.08J / 7.08J Biological Chemistry II, Spring 2004 

      Stubbe, JoAnne; Ting, Alice (2004-06)
      This course deals with a more advanced treatment of the biochemical mechanisms that underlie biological processes. Emphasis will be given to the experimental methods used to unravel how these processes fit into the ...
    • 21M.380 Music and Technology: Recording Techniques and Audio Production, Spring 2012 

      Ariza, Christopher (2012-06)
      This course covers foundations, practices, and creative techniques in audio recording and music production, including microphone selection and placement, mixing, mastering, signal processing, automation, and digital audio ...
    • 18.335J Introduction to Numerical Methods, Fall 2004 

      Koev, Plamen (2004-12)
      The focus of this course is on numerical linear algebra and numerical methods for solving ordinary differential equations. Topics include linear systems of equations, least square problems, eigenvalue problems, and singular ...