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    • 18.312 Algebraic Combinatorics, Spring 2009 

      Musiker, Gregg (2009-06)
      This is an introductory course in algebraic combinatorics. No prior knowledge of combinatorics is expected, but assumes a familiarity with linear algebra and finite groups. Topics were chosen to show the beauty and power ...
    • 24.118 Paradox & Infinity, Spring 2013 

      Rayo, Agustín; Evans, Owain R. (2013-06)
      This course explores different kinds of infinity; the paradoxes of set theory; the reduction of arithmetic to logic; formal systems; paradoxes involving the concept of truth; Gödel’s incompleteness theorems; the ...
    • 18.783 Elliptic Curves, Spring 2017 

      Sutherland, Andrew (2017-06)
      This graduate-level course is a computationally focused introduction to elliptic curves, with applications to number theory and cryptography.