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    • PE.210 SCUBA, Fall 2006 

      Taylor, Halston W. (2006-12)
      This course will thoroughly educate the successful student with the knowledge and skills necessary to be a certified beginning SCUBA diver. The prerequisite for the course is passing the MIT SCUBA swim test and demonstrating ...
    • PE.710 Tennis, Spring 2006 

      Matsuzaki, Carol (2006-06)
      The goals of this instructional course are to get you started in this wonderful sport and to give you a working knowledge of tennis. It should help you to understand the basics of a sport and how to perform these basics. ...
    • PE.740 Fencing, Spring 2006 

      Koniusz, Jaroslav (2006-06)
      This course is intended to provide students with the fundamentals of fencing, including footwork, bladework, bouting and refereeing. It will allow students to develop the ability to analyze a fencing bout, and promotes ...