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    • 5.76 Molecular Spectra and Molecular Structure, Spring 1996 

      Field, Robert W. (1996-06)
      Surveys modern research topics in physical chemistry. Introduction to four or five research areas of current interest. Topics vary from year to year and may include the following: advanced statistical and quantum mechanics, ...
    • 5.S16 Advanced Kitchen Chemistry, Spring 2002 

      Christie, Patricia (2002-06)
      This seminar will be a scientific exploration of the food we eat and enjoy. Each week we shall have a scientific edible experiment that will explore a specific food topic. This will be a hands-on seminar with mandatory ...
    • 5.33 Advanced Chemical Experimentation and Instrumentation, Fall 2002 

      Gheorghiu, Mircea D. (2002-12)
      Advanced experimentation, with particular emphasis on chemical synthesis and the fundamentals of quantum chemistry illustrated through molecular spectroscopy. Instruction and practice in the written and oral presentation ...
    • 5.73 Introductory Quantum Mechanics I, Fall 2002 

      Field, Robert (2002-12)
      5.73 covers fundamental concepts of quantum mechanics: wave properties, uncertainty principles, Schrodinger equation, and operator and matrix methods. Basic applications of the following are discussed: one-dimensional ...
    • 5.310 Laboratory Chemistry, Spring 2003 

      Schrenk, Janet; Gheorghiu, Mircea (2003-06)
      Laboratory Chemistry (5.310) introduces experimental chemistry for students requiring a chemistry laboratory who are not majoring in chemistry. Students must have completed general chemistry (5.111) and have completed ...
    • 5.13 Organic Chemistry II, Spring 2003 

      Swager, Timothy Manning; Fu, Gregory C. (2003-06)
      Intermediate organic chemistry. Synthesis, structure determination, mechanism, and the relationships between structure and reactivity emphasized. Special topics in organic chemistry included to illustrate the role of organic ...
    • 5.32 Intermediate Chemical Experimentation, Spring 2003 

      Gheorghiu, Mircea; Klibanov, Alexander (2003-06)
      5.32 involves more advanced experimental work than 5.310 or 5.311. The course emphasizes organic synthesis assisted by chiral catalysis, purification, and analysis of organic compounds employing such methods as IR, 1D and ...
    • 5.74 Introductory Quantum Mechanics II, Spring 2003 

      Tokmakoff, Andrei (2003-06)
      Time-dependent quantum mechanics and spectroscopy. Topics covered include perturbation theory, two-level systems, light-matter interactions, relaxation in quantum systems, correlation functions and linear response theory, ...
    • 5.68J / 10.652J Kinetics of Chemical Reactions, Spring 2003 

      Steinfeld, Jeffrey; Green Jr., William (2003-06)
      This course deals with the experimental and theoretical aspects of chemical reaction kinetics, including transition-state theories, molecular beam scattering, classical techniques, quantum and statistical mechanical ...
    • 5.13 Organic Chemistry II, Fall 2003 

      Jamison, Timothy F.; Tabacco, Sarah A. (2003-12)
      Intermediate organic chemistry. Synthesis, structure determination, mechanism, and the relationships between structure and reactivity emphasized. Special topics in organic chemistry included to illustrate the role of organic ...
    • 7.88J / 5.48J / 7.24J / 10.543J Protein Folding Problem, Fall 2003 

      King, Jonathan, 1941-; Gossard, D. (2003-12)
      Mechanisms by which the amino acid sequence of polypeptide chains determines their three-dimensional conformation. Topics include: sequence determinants of secondary structure; folding of newly synthesized polypeptide ...
    • 5.301 Chemistry Laboratory Techniques, January IAP 2004 

      Tabacco, Sarah (2004)
      This course is an intensive introduction to the techniques of experimental chemistry and gives first year students an opportunity to learn and master the basic chemistry lab techniques for carrying out experiments. Students ...
    • 5.62 Physical Chemistry II, Spring 2004 

      Nelson, Keith A.; Steinfeld, Jeffrey I. (2004-06)
      Elementary statistical mechanics; transport properties; kinetic theory; solid state; reaction rate theory; and chemical reaction dynamics.
    • 5.46 Organic Structure Determination, Spring 2004 

      Jamison, Timothy F. (2004-06)
      Applications of 1D and 2D <SUP>1</SUP>H and <SUP>13</SUP>C NMR spectroscopy to organic structure determination. This course covers modern and advanced methods of elucidation of the structures of organic molecules, including ...
    • 5.08J / 7.08J Biological Chemistry II, Spring 2004 

      Stubbe, JoAnne; Ting, Alice (2004-06)
      This course deals with a more advanced treatment of the biochemical mechanisms that underlie biological processes. Emphasis will be given&nbsp;to the experimental methods used to unravel how these processes fit into the ...
    • 5.61 Physical Chemistry, Fall 2004 

      Griffin, Robert Guy; Nelson, Keith A. (2004-12)
      Introductory quantum chemistry; particles and waves; wave mechanics; atomic structure and the Periodic Table; valence and molecular orbital theory; molecular structure; and photochemistry. From the course home page: Course ...
    • 5.44 Organometallic Chemistry, Fall 2004 

      Fu, Gregory (2004-12)
      This course examines important transformations of organotransition-metal species with an emphasis on basic mechanisms, structure-reactivity relationships, and applications in organic synthesis.
    • 5.04 Principles of Inorganic Chemistry II, Fall 2004 

      Nocera, Daniel G., 1957- (2004-12)
      Systematic presentation of the chemical applications of group theory. Emphasis on the formal development of the subject and its applications to the physical methods of inorganic chemical compounds. Against the backdrop of ...
    • 5.302 Introduction to Experimental Chemistry, January IAP 2005 

      Schrenk, Janet (2005)
      5.302 is a 3-unit course intended to provide freshmen with a stimulating and enjoyable &quot;hands-on&quot; experience with chemical phenomena.&nbsp;The aim of this course is to provide freshmen with an opportunity to get ...
    • 5.60 Thermodynamics & Kinetics, Spring 2005 

      Bawendi, Moungi Gabriel, 1961-; Griffin, Robert Guy (2005-06)
      This subject deals primarily with equilibrium properties of macroscopic systems, basic thermodynamics, chemical equilibrium of reactions in gas and solution phase, and rates of chemical reactions.