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    • 11.124 Introduction to Teaching and Learning Mathematics and Science, Fall 2004 

      Klopfer, Eric (2004-12)
      This course provides an introduction to teaching and learning in a variety of K-12 settings. Through visits to schools, classroom discussions, selected readings, and hands-on activities, we explore the challenges and ...
    • 11.129 Educational Theory and Practice I, Fall 2006 

      Klopfer, Eric; Gibb, Reen (2006-12)
      This course concentrates on a core set of skills and knowledge necessary for teaching in secondary schools. Topics covered in the class include educational reform, student behavior and motivation, curriculum design, and ...
    • 11.131 Educational Theory and Practice III, Spring 2007 

      Klopfer, Eric; Gibb, Reen (2007-06)
      This is the final course in the three course sequence (11.129, 11.130 and 11.131) that deals with the practicalities of teaching students. Our areas of study will include: educational psychology, identification of useful ...