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    • 17.01J / 24.04J Justice, Fall 2002 

      Cohen, Joshua, 1951- (2002-12)
      This course explores three broad questions about the values of liberty and equality and their place in a just society: • Which liberties must a just society protect? Freedom of expression? Sexual liberty? Economic liberty? ...
    • 17.01J / 24.04J Justice, Spring 2006 

      Cohen, Joshua (2006-06)
      This course explores three fundamental questions about the ideal of a just society and the place of values of liberty and equality in such a society. Answers to the questions provided by three contemporary theories of ...
    • 24.02 Moral Problems and the Good Life, Fall 2006 

      Haslanger, Sally Anne (2006-12)
      Subject examines classic texts from the history of Western moral philosophy, and their answers to the question of what is the best way to live. These texts include works by Plato, Aristotle, Hobbes, Hume, Kant, and J. S. ...