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    • 21A.355J / STS.060J The Anthropology of Biology, Spring 2009 

      Helmreich, Stefan (2009-06)
      If the twentieth century was the century of physics, the twenty-first promises to be the century of biology. This subject examines the cultural, political, and economic dimensions of biology in the age of genomics, ...
    • STS.003 The Rise of Modern Science, Spring 2008 

      Gerovitch, Slava (2008-06)
      This course studies the development of modern science from the seventeenth century to the present, focusing on Europe and the United States. Key questions include: What is science, and how is it done? How are discoveries ...
    • STS.006J / 24.06J Bioethics, Spring 2006 

      Hare, Caspar John, 1972-; Jones, David S. (David Shumway) (2006-06)
      Many difficult ethical questions have arisen from the explosive growth of biomedical research and the health-care industry since World War II. When and how should doctors be allowed to help patients end their lives? Should ...