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    • 15.269 Literature, Ethics and Authority, Fall 2005 

      Hafrey, Leigh (2005-12)
      This course explores how we use story to articulate ethical norms. The syllabus consists of short fiction, novels, plays, feature films and some non-fiction. Major topics include leadership and authority, professionalism, ...
    • 15.269 Literature, Ethics, Authority, Fall 2009 

      Hafrey, Leigh (2009-12)
      Literature, Ethics, and Authority uses story in the form of readings and movies to address the relationship between ethics and leadership. The course covers a range of topics, from issues of diversity and gender in the ...
    • 15.269A Literature, Ethics and Authority, Spring 2003 

      Hafrey, Leigh (2003-06)
      Professor Hafrey builds 15.269 around stories, because people everywhere use story to make sense of the world in which we live and act. Sense-making through story declares our ethical engagement with the world: recounting ...