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    • 15.067 Competitive Decision-Making and Negotiation, Spring 2003 

      Kaufman, Gordon (2003-06)
      This course is centered on twelve negotiation exercises that simulate competitive business situations. Specific topics covered include distributive bargaining (split the pie!), mixed motive bargaining (several issues at ...
    • 15.665B Power and Negotiation, Fall 2002 

      Williams, Michele (2002-12)
      This course is designed to provide you with a competitive advantage in negotiation. You will learn and practice the technical skills and analytic frameworks that are necessary to negotiate successfully with peers from other ...
    • 15.668 People and Organizations, Fall 2005 

      Kochan, Thomas A. (2005-12)
      This course examines the historical evolution and current human and organizational contexts in which scientists, engineers and other professionals work. It outlines today's major challenges facing the management profession ...