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Urban Studies and Planning (11) - Archived

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Urban Studies and Planning (11) - Archived


The Department of Urban Studies and Planning, established in 1932, was the second planning department in the U.S. and today is one of the largest planning departments nationally. DUSP excels at theorizing from practice and is particularly interested in how decisions are implemented and the impacts and benefits on those affected.

The department offers degree programs in the five specialization areas: City Design and Development (CDD), Environmental Policy Group (EPG), Housing, Community, and Economic Development (HCED), International Development and Regional Planning (IDRP) and Planning Support Systems (PSS). There are also two non-degree programs, the Center for Reflective Community Practice (CRCP) for mid-career community activists and the Special Program for Urban and Regional Studies (SPURS) for mid-career professionals in developing countries.

A wide range of field-based opportunities are available for students to work in collaboration with faculty on real-world planning problems. This unique tie between theoretical academic studies and field-based action research is one of the continuing allures of the program.

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Recent Submissions

  • Susskind, Lawrence (2005-12)
    This course is the first subject in the Environmental Policy and Planning sequence. It reviews philosophical debates including growth vs. deep ecology, "command-and-control" vs. market-oriented approaches to ...
  • Seidman, Karl (2006-06)
    This course focuses on financing tools and program models to support local economic development. It includes an overview of private capital markets and financing sources to understand capital market imperfections that ...
  • Frenchman, Dennis; Rojas, Francisca (2006-12)
    This course examines both the structure of cities and ways they can be changed. Its scope includes historical forces that have produced cities, models of urban analysis, contemporary theories of urban design, and implementation ...
  • Tendler, Judith (2007-12)
    This course treats public-sector policies, programs, and projects that attempt to reduce poverty and unemployment in developing countries through directly income-generating activities and employment. Topics covered are (1) ...
  • Tendler, Judith (2008-06)
    Organizations and their programs often seem, at first glance, chaotic and without order. Students embarking on evaluations and similar research, therefore, feel perplexed when faced with a live organization. This is because ...